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70,00 incl. TAX

BENEFITS: Wealth, Wisdom, Confidence, Optimism, Vitality, Mental clarity

Meaning in Sanskrit   “To see and behold”

MALA BEADS: Green Aventurine · Chrysoberyl

Green Aventurine is known to give confidence, vitality and strength to face daily challenges. The stone is said to stimulate creativity, intellect and mental clarity. It is reputed to help to see the different alternatives to situations, with a positive outlook and to promote strength and courage to take actions. It is a great stone for career success.

Chrysoberyl is thought to bring wealth, prosperity and to enhance wisdom and intellect. It is worn to increase confidence, calm and happiness. This spiritual stone stimulates intuition and psychic abilities.

Wear this bracelet if you seek to regain more control of your life and attract economic success.


8mm mala beads, clasp closure with adjustable size.

Bracelet size: One size