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107,00 incl. TAX

BENEFITS: Protection, Intuition, Calm, Luck, New beginnings, Joy

Meaning in Sanskrit  “The protected one”

MALA BEADS: Labradorite · Black Onyx · White Howlite

Labradorite is called the “Magic stone” or “Lucky stone” for protecting the aura and enhancing intuitive abilities. It is reputed as the stone of “New beginnings”, as it helps to let go and to attract beautiful things. Labradorite is said to calm the overactive mind and bring back joy to one’s life. It is known to increase awareness about the source of unconscious and unpleasant feelings.

Onyx is known to enhance inner strength and to help maintain control of any situation. This stone is reputed to be a grounding stone, helping to smooth excessive energies. It is an excellent stone for use during a diet as it enhances one’s discipline.

Howlite is reputed as a calming stone for the upset mind, decreasing anxiety and stress. This stone is known to bring wisdom and awareness to live to your highest potential. Great stone for those you suffer insomnia due to an overactive mind.

Wear this Mala if you seek better clairvoyance of your destiny and attract success.


Mala Lenght: 56cm, 108 beads at 8mm, guru bead, tassel.

Length is approximate as each piece of jewelry is unique.