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“Love is the ultimate state of human behavior where compassion prevails and kindness rules”

The Yogi Bhajan


Marie Gautier is a French jewellry designer.
Born in the heart of Paris, she grew exposed to the arts and lifestyle of this wonderful city. She was still very young when her curiosity drove her to leave her little Parisian quartier and travel the world, meeting different people and cultures across four different continents.

It is in Bali that she will find herself and start her yogi life, following master courses yoga and healing techniques. It is during these classes that she discovered the healing and cleansing power of gemstones, and she started designing and producing them for herself and her friends.

When she returned to Paris she decided that she wanted to share her spirituality with the people she loved and the rest of the world. Blending French style and savoir-faire with her spiritual philosophy she founded Neela; energetic, meaningful jewelry designed to empower you, guide you through your inner journey and help you achieve your goals.

Her mission is to find Rudraksha of the highest vibratory quality, so a lot of her time is spent carefully selecting the best quality gemstones, sourced only from ethical and sustainable providers and manually polishing and threading them in her atelier.